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If you wish to request a custom crochet piece, please fill out the form on this page. Submitting a request does not lock you in to a contract, it simply opens up a dialog between us to start discussing the commission. The commission will be discussed in as much detail before both parties can decide to move forward or back out.

Please list the following in the “Commission Details” section of the form:

I review all requests as quickly as possible, but it may take a few days for a response. I appreciate your patience!

    Please read the following terms carefully. Proceeding with a commission signifies you agree to all terms stated below and understand that they are non-negotiable.

    • Once an agreement is reached a minimum deposit of 50% is due up front. The deposit is non-refundable.
    • The quoted amount includes minor design changes such as, pose changes, colour changes before a piece of the item is made, whether or not the item is mounted to a base, ect.
      • Major changes will incur an extra fee. This fee can range anywhere from AUD$5-$50,
      depending on the complexity.
    • Once the item/s are complete the remainder of the balance must be paid. The item/s will not be sent until the balance is paid in full including the flat shipping rate of AUD$30.
    • During the making of the item/s I will send photo updates (This can be opted out of) to make sure elements of the piece are in line with the agreed upon design. If I have failed to make an element correctly, it can be changed with no extra cost.
    • The artist reserves the right to decline any commision request due to current workload, or subject matter (This includes but is not limited to things that make the artist uncomfortable, or are deemed inappropriate).
    • Estimated time of completion will be given with the quote, however, this is only an estimate and the artist reserves the right to extend this time should unforseen circumstances arise. The client will be immediately notified if an extension is required.
    • Artist reserves the right to post any completed items on instagram. There will be a delay on posting images if the finished product is intended to be used as a gift.

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